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Conversion Training

Conversion Training

Deciding to work with ProNails is choosing top quality products and trusting a company that believes in you for 100%. We'll help you pick out all the materials that match your preferred technique and we'll provide you with the necessary knowhow when it comes to your nail salon. Come meet with us and be convinced!

Where and when?



 You did a training once and now you're stuck with the products you used there. Or you don't really have a brand you stick to, just bits and pieces of different brands, and you believe it's time to find your brand. You miss a certain kind of support with the brand you're working with now. You really want to improve and learn new techniques, but they don't give you enough input...


Don't worry: ProNails is here for you!



Our Conversion Training has one interesting purpose: its aim is to introduce you to the range of ProNails products. During this workshop you can test all products and learn more about the composition of each and every product or how to use them. Our experts know all there is to know about our materials and they're right at your service.


No two ProNails gels are equal. Some nail technicians prefer to work slower so they need a gel of thicker viscosity. Other nail techs work quicker, yet they want to be able to sculpt the nails afterwards with some filing. A gel with a thin to medium viscosity might be ideal to them. Maybe you prefer to use different gels as a base, builder and top gel, or maybe you prefer an all-in-one gel system? Just ask us and we'll gladly help you out!


Yet we can also give you personal advice! ProNails would love to work out a conversion training on demand for you. That way you'll be able to ask very specific questions. If you let us know what you're working with now, and what you like and don't like about it, we can recommend new products that really meet all your needs. Just bring your own material and we'll look for a suitable solution together.



 Next to creating a range of truly innovative products in the trendiest colours, ProNails is more than a company that just produces nail products. We have come up with an appealing marketing strategy for our nail salons, something you can benefit from too. Regularly we organise events and workshops to keep you up to date of our newest trends and promotions. Put your nail salon in the spotlights and use our know-how to obtain just that!


Just come meet with us and find out what we can do for you!