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Get the look - Rising Sun

Get the look - Rising Sun

Auf 13 09 2016 in


Japan today is a land of contrasts: in the timeless elegance of traditional Japanese culture we find a deep sense of well-being, yet Japan is also the land of megacities, futuristic technology, crazy nail art and funny emojis. But in everything they create, from Japanese food to fashion, to architecture, there is always an enormous passion for perfectionism to be found, creating a strong sense of refined beauty. 


The same passion for perfectionism lives with our nail stylists when creating and shaping nails into delicate and beautiful little works of art.


Step By Step

Step 1





Step 2






Step 3









* or 2 minutes in a UV light.



For a textured designs III Nail art workshop  (Flowers, Lace & Curls) and become a master in 3D nail art designs!

Difficulty: expert


Final Look

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